Meet Miguel

I was raised in Monbello, Denver’s largest neighborhood. I attended Barney Ford Elementary, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Montbello High School, and graduated from Emily Griffith Opportunity Schoool. I truly am a product of my community.

My family owned Casa Del Sol Mexican Restaurant, which was located on the corner of Spruce Street and East Colfax Avenue. There, I learned the value of hard work. First as a dishwasher, then waiter, and worked my way up to assistant manager. Unfortunately, our restaurant was one of the first business owned by people of color to go under in the lead up to the financial crisis.

We lost everything. Our home got foreclosed on. With nowhere to go, we stayed in our foreclosed home, until the last day we could. Even with the services turned off. That is why I understand where the city’s priorities should be.

As Denver grows and we welcome new members to our district, we should never forget what we have overcome in our neighborhoods. My family lived through the summer of violence, along with our neighbors. Now that we are a desirable place to live, I want to ensure that those who saw us through those hard times are not displaced.

Our focus should be on creating world-class communities, in which we all have the opportunity to live our best lives and thrive.

Officer of the Colorado Democratic Party.

In 2015, I co-founded a grassroots neighborhood activist group that focused on activating the electorate for the 2016 presidential caucus.  Because of my hard work and dedication, I was elected to the executive board of the Colorado Democratic Party.  I was the statewide director for our voter registration efforts. I loved the progress we made in making ours a more inclusive, welcoming party.

However, in Denver it is members of that same party which are selling our communities to the highest bidder; the same bidders that finance their campaigns. I resigned as an officer of the Colorado Democrats to run for city council and change that.